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the wizard of oz and jung

glenda would be the magic, mysterious, pure, glowing, guardian
scare crow is tender-hearted, clumsy, insecure, lacking, fearful, unintelligent?
dorothy is naive, empathetic, lost, beautiful, brave
toto is cute, faithful, devoted, adoring
tin man is mechanical, cold, lacks heart, stiff, unfeeling
cowardly lion is um, a coward, fearful, bullying, apprehensive
witch is like the police, the Gestapo, a dictator and tyrant, vengeful, jealous, ugly, green
wizard is fake, a con artist, a big disappointment
flying monkeys are scary, henchmen
munchkins- jovial, oppressed, common ‘men’, innocent

Soo, that simple outline formed, let’s continue. What about Jung? He developed these classical archetypes to explain unconscious patterns in human thought. People have unconsciously imbedded ideas about themselves, and others, that control the way that they think and respond to the world. I really respect Jung. It was a bit selling point with my short term recent boyfriend, when he shared his passion for Jungian psychology.

Jung emphasized the importance balance. Who is black and white? WHo is Glenda or the witch? We are neither and both, but depending on our communication or lack of communication with others, others see us as usually one over many. Your mailman may see you like the scarecrow, your mom like Glenda, your brother like the witch, your ex like the cowardly lion, your boss like the munchkins. Jung cautioned against a reliance on science and logic, defining without feeling. Wiki says: He considered the process of individuation necessary for a person to become whole. This is a psychological process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious while still maintaining conscious autonomy. Individuation was the central concept of analytical psychology.

I love movies. Sit and experience it all vicariously. Remember some of your virtues. Forget some of your pains with broadening awareness. I need to see Avatar. Coming of age, overcoming the shadows in ourselves by learning to integrate them, growing up. Growing up…..a never-ending process. Learning who you are as an individual. A modern, CGI Wizard of Oz.

Rambling…Ok, truth be told, I’m in class at the Mac lab at school, and a fellow classmate is sniffing over my shoulder and it makes me uncomfortable because though I like writing to the void and to a select few familiars and friends, as well as a potential online community, there is something about acquiantances hearing about my detailed soul-spewage that disgruntles me.


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