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“Well! Evil to some is always good to others.”-jane austen

I Smell hot candle wax everywhere on street everywhere…scrumptious. It was on the rooftop of the SF MOMA and then on New Montgomery St on my way to the BART. It’s like the whole Fog City was covered in a blanket of candle wax. Maybe it was the earthquake and a scent of warm soil being melted into crisp oils under the earth’s surface. I love these days, my biggest commitment a private meeting with a new Orleans coffee and my thoughts on the rooftop garden of an urban museum.

A lot has happened in less than two weeks. My cat has been throwing up probably from the stress of it all.
A recap:

10 days ago:

Hate it here
Discipline and practicality
Listening to lady gaga nostalgic for ny and mama Mia
Love feeling excitement without the romance a city romance
Gaga southern accent the way she says Johnny walkers eyes what ??!

Stagnating here broke no freedom
You’ve left me speechless

I wish I was at central park the Hudson fifth avenue they rejuvenate me…

Temple granden

Everything he touches turns to dog shit

Some people adore him others he loathes and calls arrogant negative and selfish if they don’t bow down to him

It’s his reality or poverty…

5 days ago:

Angels camp, California.
The mercantile.

I miss having someone to confide in.
I want to go back to school so I can have free counseling. I loathe the idea but the alternative is lonely.
But now everything is messy, I hate talking to my mom she’s so negative all the time. She must tear me apart the wayshe does John….

8 days ago:

Grace’s house

My cat Tearing at the cat carrier
Big screen Tvs
Pics of horses paintings jumping dogs
Lady grace is large chairs are all large papa bear size
Wyoming license plates just liked state

Taxi driver afghanistani and misinterprented address waited over hour…

I’ll explain more later.


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