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Teen Vogue, Miley and more…

Miley Cyrus teen vogue how come teen stars become sexual icons in a year and it’s news and they look completely different how is this possible?….

Big question why, if there is a teen vogue, then why not a middle age vogue over the hill vogue new mom no longer feels sexy vogue elderly vogue kill me already vogue in fact they can still use superstars on the cover teen has Miley Cyrus over the hill can use the still radiant Julia Roberts or aging woman next door Meg Ryan and elderly/ kill me now vogue could use Lauren Bacall or Sofia Loren. They still are respectfully hotter than Miley Cyrus because I can for one differentiate their faces out of a line up of star portraits and lately Miley and Lindsay look the same except for the freckles and one new teenbopper looks exactly identical to Britney Spears and it threw me for a loop in the check out line at Safeway last week while I bought tampons and wine.


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