Detour: Preparation for an Adventure

When preparing for an adventure in a dry, hot climate you need plenty of water and everything else is secondary.

I take a five minute shower. Actually first I turn on the record of Mozart that’s just under fifteen minutes on one side and enough time to prepare for my adventure.

I grab everything there is to take in my little black beetle I christened Selina Kyle. The camelback first. Fill it with water. Fill the Nalgene with water and ice cubes. Grab the purse with the money and cards.

Socks, shoes, shorts, one layer for cold that is absolutely unnecessary but good preparation.

Rinse out the morning cup of coffee and plates from last night. NO more mice need any incentive to stick around but too much time cleaning in the kitchen and it will be noon and sticky hot and hard to get in the sauna that is Selina Kyle so just rinse and pack and get out of there.

Don’t forget sunglasses, binoculars, compass, all the water, extra kick around shoes great for dust, the mango flavored kombucha for energy, a vitamin B12, extra socks because of all the stickers in the hills, camera if you are into that, sunhat (a necessity really), glasses because you stare at a cell phone too much, sunscreen, lotion, one of your blades just because, dog food (if you have a dog), a cell phone, and a book (because one should always have a book).

These are the important things. Everything else is optional, like pants. The record is over. Get out and explore.


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