People are linguistically challenged…

It hurts my feelings when I see misspelled words on websites.
Personal, professional websites. I can understand misplaced commas, apostrophes, and the like (to an extent) but basic word misspellings on a professional site. It just seems, sad.
Because to me it is arrogance. And in reality it’s probably just ignorance.
And if you don’t share my discontent with normal spelling problems than you probably don’t read much, and with all the kindles, nooks, and online blogs (like this one, of course) there are few people reading actual, real books, including classics where there were complete sentences and plots, so I can see there this (twitter) disregard and ignorance comes from, but still it’s…

I am so overwhelmed. Grad school, the commute to the city, and back. Work. My small paycheck.
My massive list of wants, and don’t need but could really really really use (car, canon 5D, lighting equipment, bookshelves, new friends, a boyfriend).
I am so needy. I am feeling so need. Needy. Need me.


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