A nose by any other name…

This may be rude of me to make via thumb typing a short critical judgement without any moral but regardless I felt it was horrifying enough to mention:
I’m sitting on the Bart 4 o’clock to an elderly lady (this means many years have passed in this state) with a bulbous, round mole hanging from her right nostril. And at first I thought it was a giant booger so I stared akin to the uncontrollable ogling of the fire fighters in the movie Roxanne when Steve Martin’s Cyrano de Bergerac clone walks in the room.
So I stared and she smiled at me! It made me think she kept the monstrosity to disturb people because more horrifiyingly she enjoys inflicting pain through her mysterious unique dangerously painfully wickedly fat freak face. Or maybe she finds it beautiful, and that’s cool.


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