Martha and I Finally Catch UP…

Martha to Me:

“to go round a pothole and then they CONverged again!


I am so sorry I have been amiss these last few months. I really want
to get in contact again though. I have started working full time at
the Swedish Physician Division — the same medical center that Michael
works for. I am the Patient Service Rep (receptionist) at the
Gastricenterology clinic and it has been great so far! Its a
completely different “kettle of fish” compared to serving and the
other random jobs I have done but I like it and its reliability.
Besides that, I just got a new apartment (today, OCT 1st) and after
work today some dude I hired off of craigslist is coming to pick me up
and is going to help me move my futon and couch into the apt. I am
totally still in super transition mode since getting this new job
entails changing insurance, stopping ebt card, signing up for all the
new aspects of benefits, and figuring out the bus schedule, blah blah
blah. So I have been bogged down with those kinds of responsibilities
that take up your time. The reason I didnt have your phone number is
because my wallet got stolen along with my phone. The effers
liquidated my ebt card and charged all these downloads to my phone so
I had to file a police claim and freeze accounts. SO, I know this is
no excuse but I have been stretched really thin and exasperated with
all this and wasn’t following through on relations. Please forgive
And where are you and what are you doing?

Me to Martha:

“Well that’s good to hear, not that you had to deal with assholes, but
that you had an excuse for being absent from my life!
I really could have used an ear though, and I wish I could have talked
some with you, as we’ve both it sounds been through our own respective
hurricane katrinas…
I am just going to quickly address the chaos of my life to catch up with you:
I just got a job today, at Transports, a swimming and running store on
this cute street called College, which has bunches of good cafes and
cute boutiques. It is pretty close to my new place in Berkeley ,on the
border of Oakland in a neighborhood called Rockridge (ont he Oakland
side) and Elmwood (on the Berkeley side). I live next to a park and a
block from Telegraph near the Cal campus and am back in grad school at
AAU in the city, which is downtown. So I’m worn out because I moved in
with a girl from craigslist, and shared this basement room where
everything echoed. At first she seemed distant but then when I asked
her to clean a little (big mistake, pigs don’t clean their pens), she
turned into a bitch, and was all miserable as her ex had just moved
out due to being bipolar and addicted to wippits, yadda yadda…we
stopped talking but she did leave a big mess and finally moved out to
live with some other guy who called me a cunt and looks like a fat
Anywhoo, I am going to move into a unit upstairs half way through the
month when it gets cleaned up and glue is removed from the floor…
and am getting a dog to accompany my wee cat.
I miss you. Did I ever get to tell you about Angels Camp, and running
away from the Mercantile store in the boonies, having to rent a car
and have my mom wire me money to escape the nasty farm, and my dad’s
friend’s a big liar with a bogus charity?…
we should catch up. I’m so happy to be here now, and studying
photography, and getting my life in order and it sounds like you’re
doing the same. And it is just beginning. My number is ____. Love __.”


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