It’s a small world After college…

“this lady yesterday came in, she looked like an executive something…she was on her phone and when she got off she was in shock because she didn’t realize where she was…she was about to leave but I asked her about her phone, it was a smart phone and my grandchild has one of those and is always playing on it and swiping her fingers back and forth and up and down…”

I listened to two old men talk in the back of the antique shop- one was the owner with whiskers, flipping through old papers.

“do you collect papers? There’s a bunch of them in the back.”

I dawdled awhile then took the train to the city, fifth day in a row.lots of metro money. My cat’s lonely but I have photos to acquire and stangers to meet. Lately I have developed the nerve to ask some of them if I can take their picture. My excuse is school though it’s mostly for me.

While directing a Northbeach waitress with my camera yesterday an old college friend spotted me. We had absynthe at Vesuvios and caught up. I guess three old college friends live here now. One is second in line go to guy if there’s a big earthquake. He says we’re screwed.

The old friend took me to a Korean BBQ house after I explained my year teaching abroad, and the drama of reverse culture shock and the old college girls silent treatmenting me because I skipped a birthday and had changed.

The bubbles. We talked about those and dooms day. Like the smart phone conversation that turned into the despair of our future… Can kids write? Smart phones lead to dumb books? No they have Voltaire and Homer you can download for free. But who reads them? I don’t mean scanning, but reads each page thoughtfully? What about writing more than a text? Or a 140-word Twitter? Where are we going?
Smart phones lead to dumb brains.

And then a dubious agreement not to be too pessimistic. This was the conversation with the Venezuelan translator wino neighbor too. It us the universal topic. The world is getting smaller and our heads are moving in the same direction.


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