This is an amazing day. I am drinking a beer and about to eat a violetta burger from a new cafe on the new park square dedicated to teachers outside of fox tower cinema in Portland. It’s sunny, the beer I thought was called higwartd but is hop port or something is delicious. I feel grateful about today and grateful and hopeful about tomorrow. I talke to “uncle” John on the phone and I feel like I hve family again. I’m going to see the movie the secre of kells. Or maybe I’ll stay here longer and read the perks of being a wallflower. I love reading and wandering. I’m in many ways the same as I was hen I wad twelve, and always thinking about tomorrow and writing something special and unforgettable. Everything is preparation or that and that’s all the planning I van do with any great big vision. Otherwise it’s just little things and sensations. All of which take hold of me. I was so blue last night thinking bout my time in portland. A lot of Low depressed reclusive living. But not who I am, it’s vital I remember that. Hmm this book and beer and sunshine are so perfect right now I’m so happy, I’m so thrilled for new York and seeing Andy and central park ice skating when winter arrives. And maybe Guatemala. Life
Is so vivid again.
Blue skies.

Ps. The cop on the segue- ridiculous!


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