a conversation: proof we don’t relate

i have to go to the bank at 9 because i cant use the atm because i canceled my card so i dont loose anymore from bils because i will be five over anyway from a purchase today!

your still writing checks? why cancel the atm card if you still write checks?

i canceled for bills and am having another sent doy

your dad gave you 100 dollars! whats your problem?

not for the electric company and phone bill to automatically withdraw funds, that is for fooood

canceled for bills?

yeah so stop griping

you couldnt pay your bills so you cancelled your account? im confused.

ugh, your slow. i canceled the card had another sent, so the companies cant use the card right now until i update my info. so no automatic withdraws.

does that work?


ok, whatever.

so anyway, i hope the review didnt spill any juicy facts about lost to ruin it

i will forget by the time i get there.

ive been so hooked on 30 rock i havent had time for lost or my movies

it will take me a year

i watched the first 3 seasons in about 3 weeks. it was like 30 rock (and then arrested development) in that way


the way i watched it so fast


that’s all. funny an article could get you to watch it after i begged you to for so long haha

it was you showing me the ep with the castaneda book. i just didnt want to start until i was depressed enough to watch this kind of escapist tv.

thats real optomistic of you. hmm someday i will be even more depressed and reclusive than i already am and then i will watch lost.

haha. jeeze. the world is a mess people need help and we are just being couch potatoes.

its better than being a suicide bomber or salesman. or entrepreneur or politician or preacher. in my opinion. and im making art and writing, and maybe someday i’ll be a part of something again. one can only hope.

me too.

did you finish season 3 of 30 rock?

no. not yet.

LOST interest?

I can only watch so much.

get it?



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