May 15

Be large be light be loving be life
Train your eye in order to develop your tongue
Catch meaning where you could grasp it
Train here and there in 90 minutes
Estimated time always off from a clock
Obsession you suddenly remember that was stunting your mind every minute now it’s been months and nothing of this obsession
Do I look likesomeoneto just wave to like a moron?
See ex everywhere unfinihed business especially if u have bad eyesight
Perks of getting LASIK
Perks of getting a dog
Why does it always come back to romance
Make up words in scrabble like tza and ftit want then to be words
Who are these people I’m playing against anyway what lives do they lead?
Old man with style I saw today I wanted to thank him for bein so good looking not in a sexual way hi sahirt with a bold yellow and green stripe high beige pants a cane
Slow purposeful walk not feeble but as if caring for the ground as if to say hey ground I feel you I’m not going to pound on ou but I’m going to feel you with each step
My analogy about the pool. Stick like a wand caused laughter was it bitter? Was she thinking silly ass?
You look like you have henna on your head


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