virginia woolf is amazing i wouldn’t mind working at virginia woof close to my house would smell like dog maybe i should write more when i’m not disgruntled i’m disgruntled a lot, why do i buy all these books? should have bought the one of e.e.cummings last 73 poems, was it really his last 73 or did his widowed wife edit the bundle down? I am feeling on the brink of enlightenment haha yoga with the cat and mentally challenging the vampires of my emotional vulnerability who consume my natural naivete like cornbread at a cajun supper, as if pompousness is wit, and haughtiness is courage, I smell fear of the unfamiliar, as if threatened by change from comfortable ignorance, going to munch on chips and chocolate frozen yogurt, separately of course, maybe eggs, some protein, some sweet and savory, using the “power of my mind”, haha come on my mental midgets, please throw at me an original phrase, a quote from your own closet of dreams. tomorrow is another day in the retail puddle, a child today lingered in a puddle and nearly threw off his boots…I visited the art museum an exhibit called Disquieted, really is my camera phone going to destroy the paint? come on bored guards, share the visual inspiration…portrait sketches by Degas and artists for the past century and a half, an afternoon playing hookey, like j.d salinger hiding from class, from people, from life. I like the mystery in privacy, I am familiar with the loneliness. It’s solitude, to contemplate, to feel without interaction and reaction, the stage of panting puppets seeking validation…


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