The Ipad

I admit I did enjoy selling it to a 91 year old lady yesterday, but Steve Jobs can pardon this one third-party reseller APP pawn when she says, in her unofficial, humble opinion, that the Ipad is retarded, just another ridiculous toy. And it has the memory storage of an ipod touch so if you get it might as well get the most storage at 64 gb which is 699, just a few hundred less than a laptop, but alot thinner and lighter, but to get the 499, which many wanted, is to get 16gb the size of a nano, and basically small and easily stuffed with apps and movies and music and photos. People are going to wish they could upgrade and buy another and be out as much money or more than if they had a personal computer. They will try to return it or replace it with another, and then whine because they want it to have a built-in camera like the Iphone or the storage capacity and RAM of a Macbook Pro. They will wish the screen was bigger for LOST, and the arcade controls were closer to the edges so their thumbs didn’t ache. They will want more books to peruse for the Kindle-like ibook app, and they will cry when it falls and breaks and they were too impatient cheap to get a 30 dollar case or 99 dollar apple care. They will cringe when they realize a battery is 107 dollars, nearly a quarter of the price of the lower-end wifi model. They will wonder what’s next, when, how much, and how soon they can order it too, to ogle, grasp, buy, brag and complain.


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