I have a mucicele on my lower lip. It’s a bluish bubble on the inside of the lip that appears to be swollen and numb more now than a month ago when I first noticed it and hypochondriacally assumed I had an ulcer, a herpes outbreak, or worse, cancer growths in my mouth. But with a google search “bubble inside lip” I found out what my “mouth structure” really was, and now I am trying home remedies before I resort to the drastic measures of surgical removal and novacaine from a health professional. I want to try out all the google chat recommendations first, like the herb alum, hibiscus tea, sea salt and colloidal silver. Currently I have sea salt settled on my bump, my bottom lip protruding out from my teeth like a beached whale or better yet, a slug sprayed with grains of salt by a sadistic teenager. Instead I’m a fluttering butterfly, a blooming blossom of youth entering adulthood slowly, spreading her wings unsurely into confidence and self-assured grace, and here is this mouth pimple to shake the foundations of this development like a joker poking the queen. I will not be so easily deterred from my goals of perfect development. My slug will die +_+


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