In a restful way.

Regardless of all my restlessness lately today I feel…oddly settled. In a restful way. I’m actually contented, blame it on the sun, or J calling in from work and giving me more peace in the retail office. Maybe it’s nothing but all the exercise the past couple days, setting my seretonin on a spinning wheel of creation. It is about time, this vitamin D, this seretonin and endorphin boost shattered my black bile resentments and open my eyes to new possibilities inherent in the old spaces. A move? A new job? A new life? nah! Atleast not today. Just a new perspective. I was drowning in something of myself, no one else to blame. Good to see that today, what a difference a walk, yoga, sore muscles and a little stretching makes. What a difference a day makes when you see relationships more clearly. How silly my world spins in circles and then falls asleep.


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