my list of potential future landholding destinations…

Like Chess, I fear it is my turn to make a portentous move, and I’m not sure what to do! Do I move the knight? the bishop? the castle? the pawn? Do I protect the white Queen or send her forth to offend the black knight? and if I do send her forth will she crush or be crushed? The clock is ticking away and a decision must be made. So Chess references aside, Portland doesn’t like me. I have had unemployment, bad break ups, a string of careless discrepancies and chaotic occurrances. SAD. And a lot of feelings of just being lost and ill at ease. So as lovely as this town can be in its finer moments, and as good as the coffee is in the finer shops, and of course as yummy as the Voodoo donuts, and new seasons, etcetera…I need to move.
I’m not pregnant or in a serious relationship, but like the recent film “Away We Go”, I too require a cozy home in the homiest part of the country I can find, and Portland, in so many words, isn’t all there is… So I’ve narrowed my list of potential future landholding destinations to…
New Orleans (jazz, mardi gras, cajun food, old french architecture), D.C.(smithsonian, pentagon, lincoln, white house), L.A.(hollywood, movie production, orange groves…there still there arent they?), NY(theater, woody allen), San Francisco/East Bay(sourdough, little italy, mt. diablo), Seattle(good music, coffee like portland, yum), chicago(hotdogs and stuff) and boston(paul revere’s tomb, tea parties?). I’ve named about every cool town in the country except for a few in the South, sorry Austin, Texas stole my childhood, I am preserving what is left. Now opinionators, throw forth! To work in film or theater? To freeze or roast? To swim or hole up in a museum eyeballing old first ladys’ corsets? To eat sourdough or jambalaya? These are all important questions. I will preface the deliberation with one of my favorite monologues about another important, ongoing debate, which basically encapsulates it all:

“To be or not to be – that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And, by opposing, end them…”


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