I want to be a Manhattan girl…

Just saw New York, I Love You. Again, this makes me again want to live in The Big Apple. Why not? It is expensive? Competitive? Sure there’s no sales tax but Portland can be pricey. I’m often lethargic from boredom and stressed from overthinking the small world here, I could use some diversity… But there’s crazies everywhere you say! Well I just waited at a bus stop where I noticed after a few strides back and forth that a white haired short chubby woman was purposefully moving in the opposite direction as me and muttering. The few words I did catch were “stupid ass whore”. So being as this type of irrational aggression and shut in-battiness is sprinkled everwhere in an otherwise homogenous city, might as well move to the land of all night restaurants, hot dog stands and chess in the park. Plus I’ve still to meet Woody Allen and find a notable hairstylist. Plus I miss the idea of it, haha.

On another note, looking up from iphone thumb typing it boggles my mind that the only other people on the bus for a moment are two younger ladies swiping fingers madly across their iPhone screens. If I had seen the future as a child, what would I have thought? What will the next ten years impart?



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2 responses to “I want to be a Manhattan girl…

  1. andy

    i miss you too! make the move!

  2. I don’t know. I want to work in film so I need to probably move to NY or LA. So maybe I will. =)

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