Thoughts on architecture

What makes something more than a bird’s nest (aka. Shelter)? Architecture vs. Shelter

Architecture is more than spontaneous creation, tires piled up, defense mechanisms…
Is it engineering or architecture? More than things serving a purpose and money to create things…
Architecture: does it have a structure? Order? Design? Balance? Complexity? A clear agenda above utility?
Does it go beyond coyotes and birds?

Modern architecture requires creativity with function, interfering with global warming not an option, we now need this problem of the environment (aka. Architecture, construction in nature) to solve problems.
Three elements: architecture, environment, typography.
Society requires structure to construct social utilities, and for grounding roots to cultural mythology, nature.
For expression and spirituality, nature and a connection to infinity.
Structure vs. Architecture. What is a wolf and what is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The decision is a full spectrum, and each individual pinpoints his own limitations and conditions…
Create your own interpretation. What is architecture? I think the Aztecs created architecture: needs incorporating psychological enigmas.

Point to self: prepare; to build your own ideas, your own ride into opinions. Everyone has their own suggestions and declarations. Keep your own mind, and decide what is true; derive meaning in your work.

Architecture for the masses is an oxymoron. “a camel is a horse designed by a committee”…
Architecture is a spatial vehicle for constructing meaning. Discover, cultivate, and protect YOUR meaning.

See book: “a man’s search for meaning”

Q: what is architecture? Or, broader, what is meaningful to you?


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