Morning note

I dreamt I was in this hotel with many elevators (inspiration: my work place) except this hotel was incredibly large and haunted (I have a thing for spirits and ghosts in my dreams), and it had an Olympic size pool in a secluded hidden area you could only find by one spiral ascending and descending, mini-white elevator (also have a thing for architectural enigmas, water, and secret hiding places). My predilection for bizarre architecture dreams leads me to think I should continue my schooling in architecture, even if according to every typical mom in the country it is no longer a top grossing income, and engineers are more loaded. Big fucking deal, it is that or starving artist, moms. So second part of dream, two people complained about me being stoned, including my hairdresser’s coworker, because my actual hairdresser (I mean in the dream) was extremely fat and wanted to charge thirty for a trim, and I thought, oh hell no, bye (maybe should hold off on pot as I find most chemicals except for coffee overbearing on my little system these days)…off to an expensive massage. But worth it. And I should shower first. Last night I ran in the rain than fell to sleep in a melatonin stupor. I have to admit the boy with dark locks was in the dream too. I fear he will never go away, but we know that’s not true, not nearly.


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