Art, losers, distractions, love

First a quote from the man of the hour: “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” (martin luther king jr) MLK was a force to be reckoned with, with fierce love. He deserves this week of tribute.

Recently rewatched a good film…In the Hustler (a film starring Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, and Piper Laurie), Paul is a “born loser”. He is talented but always sets things up in his life to fuck up. If his pool is my love life I am him in this film. Or I am unlucky and lost. I think I am 26 and it’s no big deal and I should not worry an stew so. I’m like Piper’s character, Sara. She is lost her imagination and dreams, stories from books, and her little room with little vices. Her ending was the inevitable turning point for fast eddie’s growth to cut out his pattern and win.

Distraction. Sitting in a McMennamins cafe by campus I eavesdrop on two white- haired men. They’re talking about “fucking idiots” and craigslist. Tha craigslist talk is basically you can’t hire on craigslist. That’s where you find and age pool of 19 to 23. Cheap hire. The only consolation is that it’s heap day labor. The things you learn eavesdropping over a cup of lukewarm coffee, (they don’t refill often enough). Ooh con ersation moves to my specialty of he moment- architecture a Portland state… They are both drunk like ugly portland mad men…businessmen, paranoid, red-faced and stodgy. I could tune them out.

The HW reading: on drawing. “dessine moi un mouton”. Dreams too can be drawn. And here and now. We create art especially drawing and sculpture to understand in touch, feeling and gesture (communication beyond words), Where We Are…not a geographical detail but an existential age old question. What kind of place? What us the set-up of thus place we happen to have fallen into? And through art become familiar, tame, master this place or thing that makes us. So the accidental doesn’t invade our imagination. So we can form what we feel somewhere tangible. Each drawing place has the particularity and local knowledge of a here and at the same time a promise of an elsewhere. Necessity and freedom. And dreams. “Dessine moi un mouton” (le petite prince)


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